Why Should I Use Retinol?


Retinol is a form of vitamin A. Retinol alters the behavior of aged cells so they act in a more youthful manner. It smooths and refines skin’s texture, enhances skin radiance and treats aging.

When Retinol is incorporated into age-preventive skin care routines, it helps accelerate skin renewal, enhance collagen production and reduce the appearance of aging, uneven texture, melasma and age spots.


  1. Retinol accelerates cell renewal: it prompts skin cells to turn over quickly, so that new, healthy ones can take their place.
  2. It increases collagen production: it prevents collagen from breaking down and thickens skin
  3. It has antioxidant properties: it fights free radicals, the buggers that cause premature wrinkles and dark spots
  4. Treats acne: it helps get rid of whiteheads and clogged pores
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Everyone is different. Many people are able to use it four or five times at week, or even daily. For others, once or twice a week may be enough.

Dr. Iampen recommends that you start with half a pea-sized amount twice a week. If that doesn’t bother your skin, try using it on three days. Then four. Gradually work your way up to every evening. If your skin complains, scale back.

Our favourite Retinol Products are available right in our clinic. Next time you visit, ask us about Vivier 1% Retinol, which is also part of the proven Hyper Pigmentation program. Or try ZO Radical Night Repair, as well as lower percentage doses of Retinol (0.25% and 0.5%), for whilst your skin is still in training mode.


Written for SenSei Laser and Vein

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