25 Clutter-Free Gift Ideas, for the minimalist in your life

25 clutter free gift ideas

It can be a challenge, coming up with special gift ideas to suit every person on your Christmas list. Even more so, for those who have everything they need already, or those who function best with simplicity and minimal stuff surrounding them.
Add on a pandemic where many lost their jobs and took this extra time to declutter their homes, focusing on keeping only the truly important things. I’ve asked some of my minimalist friends what it is they would appreciate receiving as a gift and ended up with a list of 25 non-clutter gift ideas. These might just help you check off the rest of your shopping list.

1.    Theatre Tickets:  

Live Theatre may have been put on a brief hold this year – but our local theatre companies still need us! Theatres have to cover studio, storage, and production costs so they can continue to provide many happy memories with our loved ones in the years to come. Consider purchasing a pair of tickets (offer to see it with them if they don’t have a date) to upcoming productions. Or, have a look at some current productions that are being put on through a live-stream, with virtual ticket options.

2.    Dance/Fitness Classes:

You could get a Yoga or Fitness punch card to a local studio for future use – or – you can have a look at independent fitness classes that have since started teaching online sessions. I know a couple of belly dance and yoga instructors who still keep their students energized and motivated every week, through online classes.

3.    Dinner:

Life gets hectic and there are times we would rather not have to think about what to prepare for dinner. Gift dinner, in the form of a gift certificate to a local restaurant. Many restaurants are now offering delivery if leaving home isn’t an option.
Another option is a subscription to a ready to cook meal service like “Hello Fresh.” A wonderful gift for busy parents who don’t mind cooking, but dislike the time involved in meal planning, buying, and preparing the ingredients.

4.    Consumables:

These often make great stocking stuffers that don’t sit around forever. Wine and chocolates don’t usually stick around too long. But other ideas are specialty hot sauces and condiments for those who like to spice up their meals. Cigars might be an option for those who enjoy one on special occasions. The latter may not suit everyone’s lifestyle, so perhaps check in with a family member if you are uncertain.

christmas chocolates

5.    House Cleaning Service:

There aren’t many unicorns who truly enjoy scrubbing their homes on a daily or routine basis. I know that, personally, I would love to receive the gift of a professional deep clean, especially as we enter a new year!

6.    Car Detailing:

A wonderful gift idea, for similar reasons as above! Great gift idea for men and women alike, but as a busy mom whose kids love to snack in the car after school – I would love to not know what lurks between the seats and hand it off to a professional!

7.    Carwash Card:

Some carwashes offer unlimited monthly plans, some may offer punch cards. Either way, having one on hand comes in handy for frequent commuters.

8.    Gas Card:

We all need fuel to get places. It’s just awesome to not have to pay for it sometimes!

9.    Gift an Activity:

A fun gift for parents and kids to experience together. Grab a cake mix or cookies, icing, and sprinkles along with the necessary supplies for an afternoon of memories.

10. Cooking / Miscellaneous Classes:

Check out Udemy for online courses in endless topics including coding, photography, and other hobbies.

11. Resort Stay:

Perhaps not the most affordable present…however, if budget isn’t an issue, or if you have travel points to spare, a night or two getaway for parents in your life is probably just the reboot they need to keep going after a crazy hectic year!

12. Spa Treatment:

A rejuvenating service, such as a massage is almost always welcomed by both men and women. Alternatively, if this is something that has been casually brought up in the past, a medical spa treatment such as Botox is often an appreciated surprise!

13. Audiobooks:

If you have a minimalist in your life, chances are they enjoy keeping things organized. What better way is there, to get through daily chores, than doing it all while listening to your favourite books.

14. Spotify/Netflix/Prime Subscription:

With the news of continued social distancing protocols, home entertainment is key.

minimalist present

15. Family Portrait Session:

Parents take so many photos of their pets and children, that are often just taken on their phones and stored in the cloud forevermore. Oftentimes parents aren’t even in these memorable captures as they are the ones taking the pictures. A family portrait shoot with a photographer is a wonderful present for families. Most families I know would love a family portrait decorating their walls, but for those who don’t; it is a wonderful memory to have, even digitally, on their laptop or tablet screens.

16. Donation to Charity:

Make a donation to the SPCA, Salvation Army, or their charity of choice, on their behalf.

17. Babysitting:

If your gift is a date or a night away, perhaps offer to babysit or arrange for childcare to ensure the parents don’t have to add this to their to-do list first, and they can go enjoy a fun stress-free night.
Also, pet-sitting, if they will be away for more than an evening.

18. Nails/Lashes/Hair:

What girly girl doesn’t love to get pampered! This gift is much appreciated by both teens and adults. Even grandma likes to get a hair cut and keep her nails beautifully manicured!

19. Robux / Gaming Cards:

Online gaming is huge with kids nowadays. My kids are beginning to learn financial responsibility by having to pay for their own “Robux” and deciding on their Roblox purchases wisely.

20. Pet Grooming:

A little, often overlooked, luxury for the “furbaby” parents.

Christmas dogs

21. Art Class/Music Lessons:

Besides Udemy, which was mentioned earlier, you can find many classes locally, such as lessons in painting, music, singing, and martial arts. These are often appreciated by young and old.

22. Bra-fitting + Gift card:

Every woman I know wears (and needs!!) a bra…it is less likely, however, that they are wearing the correct size! Sizes do not stop at DD. Back when I had a lingerie store, I recall some of the most commonly sold sizes being around 36FF and 30G. Get her a gift certificate to a lingerie boutique, where she can be fitted into a properly fitting bra size. Often there is a seamstress onsite who can even help transform a good fitting-bra into a nursing bra! This makes a great option for your “new mom” friends.

23. Brides and Moms-to-be Registries:

If there are any brides or mothers-to-be on your list, you can find out where they are registered and what is on their list. These are items they have specifically picked out to be a part of their new household and would be thrilled to have.

24. Virtual Assistant / Web Design:

This might seem a little random, but please hear me out. The budding Entrepreneurs in your life are ridiculously busy dealing with every unexpected aspect involved with starting a business. Give them the gift of time by hiring them a few hours of Virtual Assistance. VA’s vary in their specialties, ranging from social media management, web design, digital business managers, copywriters, customer service, dealing with emails, data, and more.
An extra hand with the time-consuming details allows a business owner the opportunity to work on actually growing their business and focusing on the aspects they love…the reasons they started the business in the first place!

25. Gift Cards:

If you are still unsure what to get for your minimalist friends and family, a good option is to support your local businesses by purchasing a gift card. The minimalist may become overwhelmed with an abundance of “things” to find room for. But that doesn’t mean they don’t like the experience of shopping for the perfect additions to their homes and lives.
For teachers perhaps consider an Amazon gift card as many craft projects come out of their pocket!

I hope this list is helpful, and perhaps gives you a few new ideas…especially for those that are harder to buy for. I’m also hopeful we can shop locally as much as possible this season, to keep our businesses afloat. If you happen to live in the Okanagan and want to help support our businesses, I can offer direction to places that cover most of these categories, please feel free to reach out!

Happy shopping!


25 clutter free gift ideas


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